Who We Are?


Since 2014...


Unlocking your business potential goes beyond the rhetoric; it’s about understanding the landscape within which you exist, the vision you have set, and an honest introspective view of where you are against this; iteratively.  Redtie consultants works with clients to understand and build the capabilities that enable them to achieve their goals, while remaining adaptive.  Together.


We cut the middleman….With our direct-engage model, our team of experienced and competent subject-matter-experts, work with clients directly to understand and develop desired outcomes.  


Promise of delivery...We leverage the networks and competencies within Redtie to ensure our promise on delivery is met.  Redtie is managed by Partners who have strategic project management backgrounds, & which are core tenets within the company.

Murtaza Esmailjee
Partner & Founder


Murtaza Esmailjee, has over 13 years’ experience in business, strategy & technology. With the recent 8 years specializing in Project Delivery and Management. He has helped several organizations streamline their business process management processes which focus on Project delivery and success, while building their in-house capacity and coaching process adoption & is a renowned facilitator in Business, Strategy & Governance Projects.


O: (254) 724 528 430

M: (254) 724 528 430

Njeri Gicharu
Managing Partner


Mary Gicharu has over 15 years’ experience working within strategic roles in various capacities.  As a CEO/Managing Director of an innovation and incubation hub in the region, she set direction for a new strategy & business model, consolidated business functions for more effectiveness, put in place a clear strategic execution map, & a re-alignment of strategic partnerships. 


O: (254) 708 157 931

M: (254) 708 157 931

Stephanie Jaeger

Principal Project Manager


Stephanie Jaeger, has over 7 years experience setting up project management processes and templates in companies and in addition to that she has 15 years, experience as Senior Manager. She specializes in aligning project management processes to the corporate strategy and mentoring the team during implementation. Her experience is in the IT and Healthcare Sector both in private enterprises and NGO sector.


O: (254) 722 770 778

M: (254) 722 770 778